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if you press windows you can beat any level


The best 2D game that weighs little!

loved it! i wanna games like this

epic game

Sir, i have an bug. When i was doing an level, i did put some red thing, and this did happend. I cannot die. Please make an update in your "level_color_template.png". Please fix this

mac ver?

well hackings ez as hel


yea i know how to cheat like nocliping, press win on your keyboard

i get it lol


Do people know that people can edit the .png with MS Paint to make levels?


Yes. Copy "level_color_template.png", now rename it as "x.png" (x means it is a level number) and open it, then set size to width: 1024 height: 768, now copy the colors and put them on corner, then clear everything except things on corner, copy colors on corner and then make your level!

So fun! Very simple but so good, I enjoyed it

its nice good game :D

i used my mouse sensitivity to glitch my mouse to the green flag

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you know u can press the Windows key and move over to the flag

I also did that

Haha I really enjoyed that!

Clever puzzle interactions and mouse movements 


nice game


I cheated by using the window button- I first click the window button then move my mouse to the green flag, click the window button again then bam! You've won.


I speedruned it with your cheat



i moved the mouse so fast it nocliped B)

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uhh... wut


This game is awesome



cool game


can be cheated using touchscreen

I can't use touchscreen because my windows doenst support it

My windows was genuine but it now it's pirated




even the dumb graphic that could be done better by MS paint can also be called a success.

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I'd love to see this expanded upon, more levels etc. i love it

The sort of piano effect when you enter certain colors is quite literally music to my ears, it's fun and smooth, the style is lovely and I would love to see a bigger game made out of this


I loved it!

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this is awesome


Great game!


fantastic game, are the sources avaiable somewhere?


Sure, I've added the source code to the page.


Great game! The musical ambience and gameplay was awesome.


This was a super fun little game! I really did enjoy the sound design as well so great job with that. I hope you do more like this in the future; keep up the good work! 

when i try to run it, it says a bunch of .dll files are missing

maybe did you delete the .dll files or your using a outdated version


Great game had alot of fun playing


Great game! I hope you make more of this. Curious if there would be a way to make this for console in a intuitive way.. might only work with pc.


Nice little fun game, the sound design compliments it well.

The idea is nice. I especially like the level design and the way you used music